Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hacking With Glue

How Integris Security Automated Hours of Testing With a Single Mouse Click

The recent presentation by Integris Security CTO, Blake Cornell, titled "Hacking With Glue" ℠ has been published. It outlines some software we have been developing for internal use which saves time and increases the ROI for our clients.

"Penetration Testing involves a lot of repetitive manual processes. This includes the execution of a multitude of security tools. These are traditionally executed based upon the analysis of an analyst over the duration of a vulnerability assessment. Automating a heuristic process allows an attacker additional resources for more valuable tasks through the automation of the acquisition, execution and information collection process.

A tool framework was developed by over the last few months effectively gluing over 30 unique security tools together. Each of these tools are selectively executed based of your targets available networked services dynamically.

The tools include a collection of open source, custom and commercial software with varying licensing requirements.

Hacking With Glue ℠"

Hacking With Glue - SMB Cyber Security Solutions
Robots are a hackers best friend.

If you would like access to this software, require our assistance with your own cyber security workflow/pipeline or simply want to see how Integris Security can help you with your cyber security needs then please contact us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

53 Million Reasons ... To Tighten Up The Ship

There are 53 million reasons to take another look at the security of your enterprise.  This past week Home Depot advised that the data (P.I.) of 53 million customers was exposed to thieves over the internet.  Home Depot joins the long list of companies that have suffered a breach during 2014.  What can we learn from Home Depot? 

Flat networks don't work.  Network segmentation is part of the answer to ensure that if a break-in occurs your exposure is vastly limited.  Cut them off at the pass and don't let them beyond your first defensive line.  Call us if you aren't sure or just need some clarification 516-750-0478 and we would be more than happy to advise your company.