Friday, September 20, 2013

Washington Navy Yard Shootings

Statement from Joe Concannon on Washington Navy Yard Shootings

Former NYPD Captain and New York City Council candidate Joseph Concannon issued a statement today that the horrific murders by a Queens man in Washington DC is an urgent reminder of our need to be prepared as public servants, as private citizens, and as businesses.
Joe Concannon with PBA President Pat Lynch
Joe Concannon with PBA President Pat Lynch at Manhattan Reception
September is National Preparedness Month. We should all be reviewing our personal plans to be prepared for such incidents. Terrorism, foreign or domestic, is alive and well and New York City cannot afford to let its guard down. Whether in our homes, places of business, public spaces, such as malls, parks, or public concerts we need to be vigilant. City agencies and businesses need to review their preparedness plans for Active Shooter Incidents (ASI) and other emergency crises.
This is a tragic reminder that we need to keep our law enforcement organizations strong and give them the tools and the means to protect us. Remember that NYPD will be the very first responders on the scene of any such incidents. We, as residents of the number one target city in the world, need to make sure to empower the NYPD to do their jobs with the urgency and efficiency that our situation in New York City calls for.
The victims of the Washington Navy Yard massacre included civilians, service members and police officers. Our hearts go out in prayer to the families of the loved ones who perished in one of the most deadly attacks on a military installation.
Joseph Concannon, a distinguished public servant for over 30 years in the NYPD and former Deputy Director for Public Safety in the Giuliani administration, is now running for City Council in Eastern Queens, District #23 on the Reform Party line. He has public/private background as CEO of the FBI InfraGard Program here in NYC and presently is president of his own business, Integris Security LLC. His lifelong career in law enforcement and the private security sector makes him the city’s top authority on public safety and security for New York City.