Friday, June 24, 2016

Drones: Are they on your radar?

Drones - friend or foe?
Early in the computer industry programmers used to write computer code to automate many functions and features.  As the years progressed the same code was used for more nefarious purposes. Computer code used for these nefarious purposes is commonly called malware: Viruses, Worms and Trojans. 

Now early in the drone industry we are being teased with visions of Amazon dropping boxes in our rear yard, fast food deliveries arriving with piping hot pizza via a drone and many other examples of how the use of this technology can enhance our lives.  The examples are endless.

However, while drones can in fact do much to enhance our lives the use of drones can also be pointed to more nefarious purposes.  Common perimeter defenses can be easily undermined with relatively little effort for the determined attacker.  With a few thousand dollars your intellectual property can vanish in seconds.  Installation of an onboard camera with pan tilt and zoom could steal your ideas right out of your board room.  The drone can do this and more while still being blocks away.  As drones mature and their payload capability increases security directors and facility personnel concerns will only increase.

Integris Security LLC has for years identified both leading and bleeding edge technologies.  Today, we have identified a strategy, a technology and method to address not all but some of the issues concerning drones.  We would like to set an appointment to speak with you and see if this is on your radar screen.  Drones can be managed and can be one less thing that keeps you up at night.

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